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The highly anticipated XCMG Time Traveler is finally here, fasten your seatbelt and get ready!
The highly anticipated XCMG Time Traveler is finally here, fasten your seatbelt and get ready!
Release Date: June 27, 2022

For the past 6 years, XCMG has attached great importance to talent cultivation and acquisition. XCMG Apprentice is the key event for gathering talents around the world and bringing XCMG closer to the public, now it has cumulated a large international fan base and received much attention worldwide.

This year, XCMG will adhere to the internationalization strategy and further enhance its globally leading position. The 7th XCMG apprentice activity, themed "XCMG Time Traveler" is held to review XCMG’s journey of the 80th anniversary. We are seeking talents worldwide who are passionate about sustainable and intelligent equipment design to show the world their expertise and creativity. The young blood will get the chance to connect with XCMGers in the past and future and join hands to explore possibilities of various technical solutions!

This year, the XCMG Apprentice campaign will be settled in 5 countries and regions in Asia, America, and Europe and form 5 teams, representing different aspects of XCMG characters.


Team Globe- China, Intelligent Manufacturing specialist


XCMG's technical expert team and the global team will join hands to bring the XCMG product exhibition competition. Combining the unique Chinese cultural elements, the team members will also work together to complete the graffiti spray painting challenge of XCMG products, bringing a gorgeous visual feast to the global audience!


Team South America -Brazil, Construction specialist


Team America is invited to the “Ground Painting” Challenge. Unlock fun challenges facing the major constructional problems. The team will also create graffiti paintings with local Brazilian elements on the loader to show the extraordinary XCMG products to the world.


Team Asia Pacific - India, Operation specialist


Team members will participate in highly-difficult challenges, showing XCMG's strong operational strength and problem-solving skills. In addition, members will integrate the traditional Indian culture and complete the aforementioned equipment spray painting task.


Team Europe——Germany, R&D specialist


Team members will start with 3 challenges and try the application of intelligent technology leveraging XCMG's R&D strength. The sub-task will invite team members to put on "new outfits" for XCMG's innovative products by combining Chinese and German cultural elements, stay tuned!


Team Southeast Asia- Thailand, Marketing specialist


Team members will jointly complete the graffiti challenge, showing the beauty of the combination of XCMG products and art. The team members will also work as online sales interns, get first-hand experience in live broadcast marketing and let the world meet XCMG products!


XCMG is willing to pursue new blood worldwide to showcase XCMG's 5 main strengths and form XCMG's consolidated comprehensive edge. We hope to seize the opportunity to jointly pursue scientific and technological development, and open a new chapter for the 80th anniversary!



Recruitment: June 1st to July 25th

Offline challenge: July 25th to July 29th


Let's work together and make dialogues with XCMG’s past and future. If you are based in the countries mentioned above, this is a not-to-miss opportunity for you to showcase your skills and passion and get practical hands-on experience at XCMG with fellow machinery enthusiasts and professionals. You will feel the XCMG power and connect with peers with enthusiasm just like you around the world! Let’s team up and join the challenge!


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