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Piling and Non-excavation Equipment
Piling and Non-excavation Equipment
XCMG concentrates on studies of pile foundation construction technology, non-excavation pipeline construction technology and special construction equipment, and has carefully developed a series of rotary drilling rigs for bored piles, continuous wall construction equipment for trenching and a series of horizontal directional drilling rigs and pipe pushing jacks for non-excavation pipe laying, which can meet requirements of various types, specifications and layers of pipeline construction equipment. The equipment has high construction efficiency and good safety and stability.
  • XR-series Rotary Drilling Rig
    XR-series Rotary Drilling Rig
    XCMG XR-series rotary drilling rig, with stable chassis, power head torque of 80KN.m to 800KN.m, a maximum drilling depth of 150 m, and a maximum drilling diameter of 4.8m, can meet different engineering construction requirements.
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  • XTC Double Wheel Trench Cuter
    XTC Double Wheel Trench Cuter
    XCMG XTC double wheel trench cuter, characterized by high construction efficiency, strong construction ability, good grooving quality, high grooving accuracy, low vibration and low noise, meets construction requirements of various complex strata such as soil layer and hard rock layer.
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  • XG Series Underground Diaphragm Wall Hydraulic Grab
    XG Series Underground Diaphragm Wall Hydraulic Grab
    XG-series hydraulic bucket for underground diaphragm wall uses the new generation of main valve hydraulic control technology, is equipped with mature self-made crawler chassis, double-winch single row rope structure, new humanized display interface, and has the fast lowering function and super large closing force.
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  • XMZ-series Multi-functional Drilling Rig
    XMZ-series Multi-functional Drilling Rig
    XCMG XMZ series multi-functional drilling rigs apply to micro pile, foundation pit support and reinforcement, tunnel grouting and drilling, advanced geological prediction, high-pressure rotary jet grouting, pipe cabinet and other multi-functional construction, and meet requirements of various strata and working conditions.
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  • Horizontal Directional Drilling Rig
    Horizontal Directional Drilling Rig
    XCMG horizontal directional drilling rigs use the global first modular combination technology, the world-leading intelligent control and power combination technology, and the industry-leading complex working condition adaptation technology and can ensure construction reliability of super large drilling rigs.
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  • XCMG Middle-series Products
    XCMG Middle-series Products
    XCMG middle-series products use the PLC control, display screen visualized operation and other advanced control technologies, and XCMG’s proprietary technology. The hydraulic system, deceleration parts, electric control system and other main components from domestic and foreign famous brands with stable and reliable quality are selected.
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  • XCMG Entering-rock Drilling Rig
    XCMG Entering-rock Drilling Rig
    XCMG entering-rock drilling rigs use dual power head, double drill-rod driving, and special guide bit, and other core technologies, and can realize functions of efficient entering-rock, precise curve guidance and multi-formation adaptability for small-tonnage drilling rigs.
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  • XCMG Navigator E Guidance Equipment
    XCMG Navigator E Guidance Equipment
    XCMG navigator E guidance equipment, with the ultra-deep and high-precision wireless guidance system developed, can realize high-precision wireless guidance, the maximum detection depth of 50 m, the guidance accuracy of 1%, and time of endurance of 60 h.
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